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Reducing your spending

Reducing the amount you spend will clearly have a huge impact on your ability to pay the bills. Here we take a look at ways to cut back.

Utility bills
Make sure you’re not paying over the odds for your utilities by checking for cheaper providers. There are several online utility checking websites that compare prices.

Telephones, mobiles, TV and internet
There are many packages available that provide good offers for the combination of phones, TV and broadband. Shop around for a better deal, or if you have separate providers for each of these, look to combine and make savings.

Many households now have two cars. As we all know, they are not cheap to run when you consider fuel, tax and any repairs. Could you get by with one car instead? Could you downsize for a cheaper option?

Weekly shopping
Most supermarkets now offer value ranges and a myriad of special offers. Consider switching to these options to save on your weekly shopping bill. Also, writing a shopping list is a good way to ensure you only buy what you need.